Collective Poetic Expression #1

2 min readMay 20, 2019

Note: This is a collective poetic expression that was written for The Minds Poetry Group Open Mic by Frosted Rose and Myself. It’s a series of collective poetic expressions that we are constantly working on.

Rose [11:19 AM] ‘ready set GO
No holds barred poetic expression
Improv session, make a lasting impression’

Satorid [11:24 AM] I’m ready to go, let everything flow
pour out my soul, forget all the bullshit you were told
this open source poetic shit is real, my lasting impression,
was of the sun crashing into the sea and the moon exploding into infinity,
I was too busy dancing with eternity now, where am I gonna get my moonlight matcha tea?

Rose [1:39 PM] Haha that moonlight matcha tea got me like whoa
Settle back and watch the tides flow, In and out with our consciousness
Up and down through correspondence Of the imaginary friend's network

Satorid [1:44 PM] take notes as I take tokes of marijuana smoke
oh shit, that shit really pulls down on your eyelids
but I think its time to drop the mind and get lost in the wilderness,
there are strange and wondrous things that live behind the mind’s eye translingustical shadows made up lost memories dream condense into primordial lentil soup defragmented souls fermenting the halls of the damned come sit with me at the edge of the abyss it’s nice this time of year,
we got to make the last drop of moonlight matcha tea count before
every last ounce of awareness bounces

Rose [1:39 PM] And reality announces
The changing of the tides of society
We all just trying to break free
We all just wonting to be who we want to be
Jumping into the abyss, hold up, there’s no need
Sit on the edge and plant those seeds
In those still learning to be a tree
Take root, follow the light of the sun
Realize that we are one
And the same, different pieces of a picture
Our own color mixture
Life is the canvas, and we are the flicker-ing flame
A candle in the window
Nothing but a light glow
Stardust scattered across the universe
Disbanded, disbursed




Reality is Open Source, Find the Others, Those Weird Fun Mutant People and Create the Weird.