People exist in the universe and are made of matter and can’t stop changing and are unknowable by others. But Art is an imaginary flower that never fades. Neither real nor unreal, but the Dreamtime or the everywhen.

The quest for the authentic existence, the visionary experience, the soul-fulfilling moment…

[Narration High Priestess Nikki]

An imaginary city, in an imaginary land, there’s an Imaginarium filled with imaginary friends.
Come inside, come away with me, see inside this imagery, pull away the illusion of reality and join us
Hand in hand

And across these mystical sands, in this imaginary land, the…

As I throw the stale water in the sink
My soul has gone dehydrated, from
Too much thinking and not of enough feeling

I pull off another birthday from the Calendar
Of my life, I can’t help but notice
That I am all lone and nobody knows me
Like really gets me, even…

[Satori] Tell me about your madness, sadness, and nothingness
what’s the frost on the eternal rose

[Rose] I always know when I’m close to my cycle because my brain chemistry shifts and suddenly I’m like, (dramatically)
Why am I alive,
why do I even exist?!

[Satori] What have I become?!

[Satori] Welcome, This is that no holds barred poetic expression,
improv session, make a lasting impression
Who’s out there?

[Rose] I’m here, ready to go.

When I was in school, one of my online professors would wax on about how brilliant I am, and I always felt like, shit, I…

Note: This is a collective poetic expression that was written for The Minds Poetry Group Open Mic by Frosted Rose and Myself. It’s a series of collective poetic expressions that we are constantly working on.

Rose [11:19 AM] ‘ready set GO
No holds barred poetic expression
Improv session, make a…

Well, it happened. Peak MindFuck.
Someone actually just informed me
that I need to try psychedelics. Why?
Because if I did, I’d realize that both
parties are identical and I’m being duped.

One word seemed to spark a thought and
off I went go chasing it, like a dog catching
the scent…


Reality is Open Source, Find the Others, Those Weird Fun Mutant People and Create the Weird.

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